Pro-Bono Coaching for Women Founder of Social Enterprises

Open to women who lead for-profit, not-for-profit and hybrid social enterprises.  Applications Open

What’s the Opportunity?

Each coach listed below has offered pro-bono coaching three female founders of social enterprises who are seeking to scale their impact and thrive personally. Selected Founders will receive six individual remote coaching sessions. All coaching sessions are confidential and will follow the norms set out by coaches in their coaching practices.

Why is WILD Connecting Coaches to Female Founders?

WILD is committed to helping more women social entrepreneurs make a bigger impact in their organizations and find a happier work-life balance. Executive leadership coaching has proven to be instrumental to helping organizations, and their leaders, to prosper.

WILD is also committed to documenting best practices in the social enterprise sector. After the coaching period, we will ask the participating coaches and “coach-ees”, on an anonymous and confidential basis, to share their feedback about what they identified as being most useful in supporting women social entrepreneurs. We’ll combine this information with data from fellowship programs that include coaching to draw out lessons that can be used by organizations to do an even better job investing in women social entrepreneurs.


What’s the criteria for applicants?

Female Founders who

  • Have been in business for at least five years

  • For the past two years, have had an annual budget of at least USD500k

  • Are ready to make personal leadership coaching a priority. Will show up to scheduled coaching sessions on time, ready to work and are open to making behavioral changes in their professional and personal lives.

How do I apply?  (Applications open April 12, 2018)

1. Select a coach: Applicants may only apply to receive pro-bono coaching from one of the listed coaches. We encourage you to take note of the “ideal client” information, click on the links and explore the individual backgrounds of the coaches to identify the best fit for you. (Please do not reach out to the coaches directly. They are volunteering their time do not have time to field individual inquiries for pro-bono coaching. They will review the applicants who go through the application process.)

2. Apply: The application has four parts

3. Basic information so we can contact you and have a snap shot of your social venture

  • Name, position, organization

  • Email, mobile, skype

4. Snapshot of you and your business

  • Organization website

  • Linkedin profile URL

  • 2017 fiscal year annual budget

  • What problem is your venture solving, how do you solve it and what results have you had to date?

5. Information about your coaching goals (max 50 words each)

  • Complete this sentence: the coaching will have been successful if by the end I am able to….

  • Three areas where I feel I am stuck are:

  • What people, places and/or things have been most instrumental to get your social enterprise to where it is today?

6. Application fee of $25.00. This is a commitment fee. If you are willing to pay USD25 for the opportunity to receive pro-bono world-class coaching, that’s a sign you are serious about this opportunity. If you’re not, well, that’s a sign too.


Each of these coaches is part of the Marshall Goldsmith top 100 coaches program and committed to “paying it forward”. Please join us in thanking them for generously donating their time and expertise.