5-Week Live Cohort | Launching February 4, 2022

Women of Color: Build Your Community & Advance Your Career

A unique and exclusive space to connect with women of color across the global development sector.

Get a preview of what to expect from the course by watching this 12 min video from your session leader.

Limited to 25 people.

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The Women Of Color Program Is For

Women in all stages of their careers who identify as women of color and work in international development. This includes Black, Brown, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, SE Asian, Multi-Racial, Pacific-islander, Middle Eastern people, and more.

Why We Created This Program

The representation of women of color in the Global Development sector is very low. Further, there is an overlay of systemic issues that impact women at the intersection of their race and gender.

In response, The WILD Network has partnered with Stephanie Leblanc-Godfrey to create a psychologically safe space for people who self-identify as women of color.

What You Will Learn In The 5 Live Sessions

Live sessions will be held weekly for 5 weeks at 12:00pm ET. Sessions last 1.5 hours.

February 4, 2022

Purpose and Vision

Purpose and vision ground us in where we focus our time and energy and it can also vary in different aspects of our life. This session focuses on a step by step method to get to a purpose and vision statement for a specific area in your life that you want to focus on professionally.

February 11, 2022

Digging for Goals

Once you know what your purpose and vision are in a specific area you're interested in working on, it's time to attribute goals that align with your purpose and vision.


February 18, 2022


Who are the people in your network that can support you (and you can support) and how do you activate them in service of your goals?


February 25, 2022


How will you in short, medium and long term steps incorporate your strengths, goals and network connections into your daily life and your professional roadmap?

March 4, 2022

Knowledge Sharing

This is an optional session for cohort members who would like to share what they have learned and how it's elevating their career.

Your Session Leader

Stephanie LeBlanc-Godfrey

Global Head of Community Inclusion Programs for Women of Color at Google

Stephanie LeBlanc-Godfrey's work at Google is in service of women of color and parents/caregivers to create community where it doesn't naturally exist and to influence the policies, programs and processes that impact their sense of belonging and inclusion at Google.

Stephanie was born in Brooklyn, NY, attended Stevens Institute of Technology and completed her bachelors of engineering degree in Electrical Engineering before starting her career in the finance industry. She then pivoted her career to digital media, where she spent over 10 years in Advertising Operations at major media conglomerates such as Forbes Media, FOX News Digital, and NBC News Digital.

What Else You Get When You Register

Pass to the 2022 Women in Global Development Leadership Forum

Receive a virtual pass to attend this event in May 2022.

Leadership Coaching Package

When you register for Women of Color: Build Your Community & Advance Your Career, you will be eligible to apply for six months of leadership coaching around your most pressing organizational, team, and professional issues that you identify during the course. 

Registration Fee

$1,495 USD

  • 8 hours of live sessions
  • 2022 Women in Global Development Leadership Forum Pass ($695 value), either live or virtual pass
  • Open discussion members area 
  • Eligibility to apply for 6 months of Pro Bono Leadership Coaching

By The End Of This Program You Will Have...

  • Shared lived experiences with course participants.
  • Discussed how to navigate workplace challenges and career opportunities.
  • Learned practical strategies on how to thrive.

*Registration limited to 25 people.

Scholarship Opportunities

If the cost of this course is not within your means or the means of your employer,
please apply for a partial scholarship.  

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"I wanted to find out how other black women navigate the barriers at the intersection of race and gender. A take-away from this experience for me was determining where I need to improve, and where my organization needs to improve. This understanding has been key to my job satisfaction, performance and feeling content outside of work."


"I’m consistently one of very few black women and black people in the room. Being with this posse of other women who regularly face this situation allows me to share my experience comfortably. I have laughed, and cried with this group and I know they’ve got my back going forward."


"I was so inspired to hear about the journeys of other women from the Global South climbing up the international development ladder, the obstacles they faced and their strategies to address them. It was also refreshing to see women of color take the lead and have the opportunity to listen and learn from them."

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