Effective Collaboration Does Not Happen Naturally.

It Must be Designed.

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Intentional Team Design:
The Essential Condition for Team Effectiveness

More than ever before, organizations need effective leadership teams with the capacity to respond swiftly, creatively and effectively to complex, unprecedented challenges they face.

KITE, is a global consultancy specialized in the assessment, design, launch and coaching of leadership teams within the humanitarian and development field, has pioneered an approach to  supporting leadership teams to significantly enhance their collective performance and effectiveness

The webinar provides an overview of the conceptual framework underlying the approach to team development that KITE has pioneered over the past four years within the humanitarian and global development space. 

The framework is the result of over four decades of research on team effectiveness and will provide participants with a roadmap for designing and enabling effective collaboration.

KITE’s diverse team of seasoned practitioners applies a well-validated approach that is both firmly grounded in the most extensive and coherent body of research on team effectiveness and attuned to the unique needs of each team.

Clients consistently report that they are clearer, more aligned, more strategically focused and increasingly skilled in taking swift and coordinated action as a result of the team development process.

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