Effective collaboration does not happen naturally.

It must be designed.

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More than ever before, organizations need effective leadership teams with the capacity to respond swiftly, creatively and effectively to complex, unprecedented challenges they face.

That’s why WILD is proud to have KITE as our leadership coaching partner to serve our community. 

KITE is a global consulting firm specialized in supporting leaders and leadership teams within the humanitarian and development space. Their approach to supporting leadership teams was pioneered with over ten years of collective knowledge and expertise, significantly enhancing the collective performance and effectiveness of the Leadership Team.


Clients consistently report that they are clearer, more aligned, more strategically focused and increasingly skilled in taking swift and coordinated action as a result of the team development process.

Global and diverse team

KITE’s roster of highly skilled team development practitioners has been carefully curated to be rich in experience and diversity, with global reach, and with deep expertise in the development sector. They are uniquely equipped to support leaders as they navigate the complexities of their work within the humanitarian and development field.

The KITE team can provide coaching in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic, across all time zones.


KITE’s work with teams is deeply influenced by the groundbreaking body of research on team effectiveness carried out by Dr. Richard Hackman and Dr. Ruth Wageman, carried out with a wide range of teams over two decades. The resulting framework which identified the most powerful influences on a team’s effectiveness was referred to as The 6 Conditions and it serves as the basis for KITE’s approach to team development. 

The guiding principle of KITE's work is that effective collaboration must be clearly designed.

It is the clarity and thoughtfulness of a team’s design - its structure, clarity of purpose, composition and internal norms - that constitutes the single greatest predictor of team performance.The Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS) is the simple, but highly effective tool that they use to capture data on the current status of the 6 conditions in the team at the outset of the engagement.

Individual leadership coaching

In their individual coaching engagements, KITE defines coaching as a elicitive process that enables a client to gain fuller access to their own resourcefulness, creativity and resilience. 

At its core, coaching provides a cycle of reflection and action, whereby the client progressively deepens awareness and understanding through conversations with their coach, then translates these insights into action and greater self awareness.

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