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The WILD Network is proud to partner with KITE in offering coaching services to its member organizations and help them elevate the practice of team leadership across the space. 

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The Opportunity

Individual coaching is a well-established means to enhance individual wellbeing and performance. However, the positive effects  of individual coaching do not translate  to improved  team performance. To consult, collaborate, and co-create solutions to complex problems is a distinct competency with its own developmental path. More than ever before, organizations need effective leadership teams with the capacity to produce innovative and integrative work. For this reason,  the capacity to cohere and harmonize team development and executive coaching is essential. This is KITE’s unique expertise and added value.

Equipping leaders with the conceptual and practical tools to design or redesign their KITE not only directly impacts the performance and wellbeing of the team, it also facilitates the emergence of a different kind of distributed, collaborative leadership, one that stands in stark contrast to the hierarchy of “heroic leadership”.  



"I wanted an exceptional team coach to help make my team exceptional...through the process, the team was elevated to a whole new level of cooperation, competency and commitment."


"You found us as a group that enjoyed working with each other, treated each other generally well, and had a variety of strengths and helped build us into a truly bonded team with a sense of mission, direction, optimism, and deep care for each other."


"We gained traction from the first connection session.... and they did appreciate the methodology and approach, taking us through a series of activities that led us to a better grounding of who we are as a team, getting to know each other better and also understanding our compelling purpose and why we are commissioned as a team."

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About KITE

KITE is a global consulting firm and coaching collaborative specialized in supporting leaders and leadership teams within the humanitarian and development space. Our mission is to elevate the practice and discourse of team leadership within organizations responsible for promoting peace, equity, and sustainable development in the world.

KITE has developed and pioneered an approach to  supporting leadership teams to significantly enhance their collective performance and effectiveness. KITE is the only consultancy specialized in the assessment, design, launch and coaching of leadership teams specifically within the humanitarian and development field.  We have worked with senior leadership teams at the executive/headquarters, regional and country level, across a wide range of UN agencies and several NGOs and global funds.