How to Ask for The Kind of Help You Need
(And Say No to What You Don’t)

Are you tired of doing everything yourself?

Do you wish people would give you the help you need?

Do you get frustrated when your attempts to help others don’t work?


Go to Help: 31 Strategies to Offer, Ask For, and Accept Help will teach you concrete strategies to get better at offering, asking for, and accepting help. You’ll
gain practical insights to help yourself and others get more done with less stress
and longer-lasting success.

Learn how to offer, ask for, and accept help

Over the next few months, we will need more help than ever.

Help for what? Adapting to a hybrid work environment and evolving expectations from today’s workforce; managing supply chain challenges; dealing with the impact of the “great resignation” on us and our colleagues. And that’s just at work. 

We’re also parenting in high-stress situations, needing to support our friends and family through change, and change again – and much more. Asking for and accepting help is one of the best ways to build trusting, collaborative, and mutually beneficial relationships with colleagues, clients, family, and friends.

And yet, for too many of us, asking for help can feel like a threat to our sense of self-efficacy, autonomy, and even your ego (which is not a dirty word).

Join the authors, mother-daughter duo, mental health advocates and speakers, Deborah Grayson Riegel and Sophie Riegel for this free virtual event. They will guide you through changing your mindsets and skillsets around asking for and accepting help from others.

And most importantly, you'll know how specifically how to answer:

"How can I be most helpful to you" OR be able to respectfully decline help that doesn't feel helpful to you.

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